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#97131 Xbox One

Posted by Donkeymog on 22 May 2013 - 12:26 PM


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#119542 Can we bring back downvotes?

Posted by lazlo falconi on 29 October 2014 - 07:13 AM

Please dont, downvotes lead to abuse. There's no point to them, since bad posts don't get hidden. Upvotes pretty much only exist to tell a user their post was enjoyed without wasting another post.
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#120140 Pictures Topic

Posted by SpazCat on 26 November 2014 - 09:09 AM

Here is a more current Rose & Lily photo.



Here is Tony covered in girls.



Rose is pleased with the new addition to the family.



Meet Garrus.



Here loves to cuddle.Even though it looks like I'm holding him against his will, he really likes to be snuggled. He nibbles on me when I don't pet him enough.



Little guy is sleepin'.



You can't see it, but he's sleeping in this one too. He is such a chill cat. Rose carries him around and he just takes it. He has yet to bite, scratch, growl, or hiss at anyone one of us yet. With Rose playing with the way she does I'm surprised. He seems genuinely happy to be carried, held, and smothered. I do have to free him every other 5 minutes though.



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#117325 Moving up [New Job]

Posted by matrim on 06 July 2014 - 09:55 PM



Just thought I would share some of my joy with the rest of you.


I just recently changes job.

Got headhunted to a new position, so I more or less do the same type of thing as before [c# .NET development] but they pay me alot more then my old employer.

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#97169 Congrats to everyone who is going to be a father/mother

Posted by Vicious Parker on 22 May 2013 - 04:10 PM


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#95961 Weekly Updates: 4/23/2013

Posted by Hyperlisk on 23 April 2013 - 02:45 PM

So maybe I'll do it later.

Spoken like a true MP-er
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#125414 Weekly Updates 06/25/2016

Posted by Vicious Parker on 25 June 2016 - 03:09 PM

Yeah, that's right, Weekly Updates. Because even though the forums are kinda dead, this may have been the most active Monkey Pro week in the history of the site. Didn't this used to arbitrarily be on Tuesdays? Yes. Don't worry about it. Does this mean we'll start regular updates again? Yeah probably not. Being Monkeypro and all that.


So what shenanigans actually happened at Monkey Con? (Pictures taken by Kamau, used without permission or shame)


Board games. Lots and lots of board games.


(Featuring: Spazcat, Beesknees, Vicious Parker, MonkeyDog, Stars, toysintheattic, Xteven Xavier)


Getting lost in the woods (And having several random dogs come out of no where)


(Featuring: Vicious Parker, Stargazer, Beesknees, MonkeyDog, Puffin, Stars and toysintheattic)


Lounging and general lethargy (wouldn't be MonkeyPro without it)


(Featuring: Amethyst, Puffin)


Some of the longest tasting hot dogs ever.


(Featuring: Hot Dogs, condiments)


And just general happiness and good will.


(Featuring: Everybody, la de doe de doe)


And while I would love to give member of the week to everybody who went, there were two people who put their heart and souls in to this event, and really made it happen. While I can only put one on the front page, I'll do both here.


Member of the Week #1



While it's obvious that there would be no MonkeyPro, and therefore no MonkeyCon, without MonkeyDog, that would be a discredit to his awesomeness to not say that again. There would have been no MonkeyCon without MonkeyDog. Not least of all because he paid for the lodging, but he made sure there was plenty of food (perhaps a bit too much), helped give people rides to and fro, and made sure that we all had plenty to do to keep us from actually having to confront the reality of our situation: That a bunch of relative strangers agreed to spend a week together in a cabin in the mountains. Monkey, you are truly member of the year every year, this year most of all. Thank you so much for everything you did.


Member of the Week #2



Bee may not be a regular member of our fair forums, but there is no question that she was a major part in making sure MonkeyCon went well. Perhaps the most obvious way is that she kept her composure while trying to socialize with several of her boyfriends creepy internet friends. I also suspect that without a shoulder to lean on, MonkeyDog may have gone crazy trying to organize this whole thing.


I'm probably waaay underselling the effort these two put in to this event, because I honestly don't know much it might actually be. All I know is that I am eternally grateful to both of you.


That's all I've got for this week. No, I didn't change the game of the week because... Well, I didn't play a game and am not really planning on it. See you again in nine months or something.

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#122356 Weekly Updates 3/17/15

Posted by legacyme3 on 23 March 2015 - 09:38 AM

In other news, I'm not leaving.


So you can enjoy more Leggy.



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#122350 Weekly Updates 3/17/15

Posted by Vicious Parker on 23 March 2015 - 05:32 AM

No matter how hard I push, if you don't want to clear your brain of the garbage you are fed day in and day out and actually think for yourself for once, I can't help you.

"You guys don't think like me. Come on, think for yourself for once!!!"

Just some parting advice, Streets, lay off the Alex Jones and your life will improve.
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#122349 Weekly Updates 3/17/15

Posted by kspr on 23 March 2015 - 03:53 AM

Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up: I'm leaving MonkeyPro. I thought I would find consistent morals and rational intellectualism, but I didn't. To post on here is pointless. You're all either too brainwashed by the 3x5 card of allowable opinion or you're too dumb to form a worldview based on facts and logic. You're all like the rest of this horrible world no matter how unique you believe yourselves to be. I'm not deleting my account, because I think I've posted enough substantial things to potentially make some future member pull their head out of the sand and unlock their mind. Farewell. It was occasionally pleasant. It's just way too much work for zero progress. No matter how hard I push, if you don't want to clear your brain of the garbage you are fed day in and day out and actually think for yourself for once, I can't help you.

good riddance and dont get ass prints on our door
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#120305 Weekly Updates 12/2/2014

Posted by Puffin on 02 December 2014 - 09:24 PM

I promise to theoretically punch all the douchebags in the throat.

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#113843 Games For Explorers - Series Discussion

Posted by Vicious Parker on 01 April 2014 - 07:27 PM

So I've finished an episode. No, seriously, a real one. None of that April Fools stuff that's so popular with the kids these days. What I didn't tell you in that joke of a post was that the words I wrote actually applied to the first episode, not the joke one. I guess I thought it would make the joke better or something. I'll quote them here.


It has been more than a year now since I started this topic, which means that this is an idea that I've been sitting on much longer than that. I started this topic with the best of intentions. I wanted to share my ideas, and hopefully find some inspiration from you guys for how to best approach this concept. What I didn't expect was a number of great ideas, and a year of discovering all sorts of excellent video game related content, on youtube and elsewhere. What I did expect, however, is that this would be like so many creative projects that I've started in the past: over before I even got started.


For a long time that certainly seemed like the case. Believe it or not, I actually did start making content for this idea that I never shared. It was much more than just because I'm always filled with self doubt and loathing. Everything I produced just felt... wrong. Every angel I tried, for multiple games, didn't seem to fit well enough in to my original vision, and I ended up scrapping multiple attempts at this idea.


I mentioned in some earlier posts in this topic that I was tired of seeing so much negativity in video game content, and if you browse the top game related videos on youtube, negativity and terrible, terrible humor are the most popular. This still saddens me. However, I'm clearly not the only person in the world that feels the way that I do. The popularity of channels like Errant Signal, Super Bunnyhop, Game/Show and more tell me that people want informative, intelligent content that celebrates the medium, rather than just using it as a set up for a poop joke. Somewhere along the way I realized that the relaxed optimistim of Noxie's videos was probably as close to my idea as anything else on youtube (We miss you, Noxie). But these, still, were not the kinds of videos I wanted to create.


In the middle of last year I discovered a podcast called Unlimited Hyperbole, and binged on all 20 of the episodes. I don't want to be a copy cat, but the tone and style of this podcast are more or less exactly what I wanted to do with this video series, though I couldn't figure out how to do it. The problem I was running in to was trying to get my written words to sound as natural as the interviews from the podcast. I hated everything that I wrote, and I have long since deleted it all. I was about ready to give up, until I convinced Spaz to sit down with me and watch Free to Play, the Valve produced documentary about Dota players. That's when I knew what I needed to do. I'll leave it to you to figure out what that means.


So that's where we are. I've now made two episodes, and even though one was a complete joke, I'm fully planning on jumping right in to the next. It didn't turn out as perfectly as I had hoped it would, but what ever does? Here, this is the real first episode.



And I have a list of goals for the series:

  • Fix the sound issues!!
  • Improve transitions
  • Say more, darnit. I'll have to work on writing more than what I did for this.
  • Intro and outro cards/credits. Currently the logo that I drew in 3 minutes in paint.net sucks. If you want to see it, Glace made it the channel logo on the main site. Anybody with talent feel like taking the general idea and making it... not terrible?
  • Regular releases - I'm thinking one per month will do the trick
  • Figure out that darned video editor. I used a program called Lightworks, and it works well enough. It has loads of features, even in the free version, but by jove does it have a learning curve.


That's it. For now, anyway. Thoughts? Suggestions? Game recommendations? I love feedback.

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#111999 One Year Later

Posted by legacyme3 on 11 March 2014 - 03:09 AM



Today is Mar(ch) 11th, 2014. Which means, as of today, I am one year old (on MP).


It's been a crazy year, for those who know me well. I've had a lot happen to me in the past year, although most of it has happened within the last 4 or so months.


But throughout it all, there have been a few constants. One of those constants is MonkeyPro. Having originally registered here on a total whim (after hearing about some contest on QualityRoms) I quickly became fascinated with the group here, and made it one of my go-tos every day.


My point is, you are stuck with me.


One year of monkeying around down, 800,000,000 more to go.

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#104989 Monkey Pro Comic

Posted by 3DS on 12 November 2013 - 12:13 PM

Yes, a comic. I was having this idea a while back and thought it could be interesting. It wouldn't be about the stuff that happens here but it could have characters based on members. My idea was to make it in the style of the Order of the Stick. Anyone not familiair with it, http://www.giantitp....s/oots0001.html
If ANYONE had ideas for it, please post them in here. This means names for your character, how you want to look like,  if you want in or not, ideas for places, events etc.
Let me guys know if you like this idea, and hopefully there will be a comic in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Not sure how long it will take to make one..
~Dark Shadow

UPDATE: Lazlo is the last one who will be put in the comic. If anyone else wants in, to bad, you're to late.

Names of the characters:

Glaciermage = Glace
Bean = Bean
Legacy = Leggy (Legacy?)
Kamau = Kamau
Stars = Kato
Puffin = Puffin

Spaz = Spaz

Xteven = Xerxes Zazmatazz

Bottomguy = Hadrian

Dark Shadow = ????

Tsjatupa = ????

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#122364 Weekly Updates 3/17/15

Posted by Monkeydog on 23 March 2015 - 12:24 PM

I'm sorry for not enforcing higher standards for the random not RPG Maker forum in the middle of nowhere internet. 


It's really my fault we're all morons.

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#122352 Weekly Updates 3/17/15

Posted by Xteven Xavier on 23 March 2015 - 08:55 AM

Oh my god, that is priceless.  I knew you were conceited but really? Because you can't force us to change our opinions you can't remain friends with any of us? For serious? Seriously man the fact that you were constantly trying to force people to adopt your beliefs is the only thing that people dislike about you. If you just acted like a decent person and didn't go all scorched earth every time someone disagreed with we would all like and befriend you. 


You don't see Ron Swanson getting all butthurt over Leslie Knope being a productive member of the government. Seriously no one cares that everything you try to teach us seems like it would destroy our humanity, If only you weren't such a Dick about it then throw hissyfits like this when we don't agree with you.


I hope one day you do return and your less preachy and less angry and then maybe on that day we can be friends. Until then I leave you with this parting advice. Get your head out of your ass man.

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#120290 The GDT v2

Posted by Puffin on 02 December 2014 - 08:51 AM

So, a male friend of mine from school asked me if I was single- I didn't think much of this, since he has a girlfriend, but today I was warned that he regularly cheats on his girlfriend and that he may be trying to wrap me up in that bullshit. Which, I swear to god, if that happens to be true and he does come on to me, I am going to punch him in the throat as hard as I can.



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Posted by lazlo falconi on 20 November 2014 - 02:20 PM

I'm gonna bump this thread because I guess I'm finally becoming a cool kid, too. We're closing on the 28th and moving in the middle of winter because we're idiots.

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#119619 Pictures Topic

Posted by panda on 31 October 2014 - 11:02 AM

4th Degree Black Belt!
I get to be called Jr. Master now.
Unfortunately it means I sometimes will get pressed into teaching if I just show up to a class.
"Oh you want me to teach...oh, okay (I really wanted the workout, though)."




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#119472 Weekly Updates 10/28/14

Posted by Puffin on 27 October 2014 - 07:46 PM

Puffin and Kamau Topic # The... The... Wait, which number is this?


Puffin: I told you, it's not # the anything- it's the weekly updates!

Kamau: Oh. Well, that explains the lame title you chose!

Puffin: What, the date? They're all numbered like that.

Kamau: Like I said, lame.

Puffin: Hey, we got a job to do here, focus! Who else is going to bring these people this dire, important news, but us?

Kamau: What dire, important news is that again?

Puffin: You know, like MOTW-

Kamau: Oh! That’s Lega-

Puffin: Kamau, you can’t just say it like that. You’ve gotta do it right.

Kamau: Well fine! *ahem*



Member of the Week




Legacy is popular. SO popular that he got not just two interviews, but THREE. SO popular that the ladies faint at his feet as he walks by. SO popular that even the majestic bald eagle idolizes him. SO popular that we couldn’t help but make him MOTW!
* Sources needed.



Puffin: Well, that's certainly popular, but will he be as popular as our...



Game of the Week




Grave Spirit
When you open this game, the first thing it tells you to do is read the html manual included with the download.
I did not do this.
What lies within the mysterious manual? Directions? Cheat codes? Important history so that we may fully grasp the story of this game? The world will never know (never mind, just checked, it's directions). Though in all seriousness, if you intend to play the game, reading the manual is probably a good idea, as it does go over some of the controls which are otherwise not explained. Some stuff is, but as far as RPGmaker games go, this one has some pretty complex game mechanics, and I can see why they wouldn't want to bog down the pacing with too much explaining. Admittedly, I only played through the first few minutes or so, but I intend to play it the rest of the way through. The story has a basic, but interesting foundation and the entire game has a really cool, somewhat morose, but mysterious atmosphere to which is definitely helped by the graphics.




Last Week's Poll Results




Kamau: Wow, Mario got a ton of votes!

Puffin: Yeah...About that... Turns out you can vote multiple times. I voted once, then later, I voted again after mistakenly thinking I hadn't yet. It was only when I saw both votes had counted that I realized you could vote multiple times (hopefully, I didn't do this three times without realizing).

Kamau: You... You mean you cheated?

Puffin: Well, not intentionally-
Kamau: I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU. You... You... overrated egotistical maniac!

Puffin: I am not!

Kamau: Not what?

Puffin: A maniac!

Kamau: So you admit to being overrated and egotistical?

Puffin: I-what?

Kamau: Admission accepted. Now let’s go vote on something else that’s overrated!



What did we watch?

Galaxy Quest, Legend of Korra, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Agents of Shield, The Voice, Arrow...


Puffin: Wait a second, more than half of these aren't even listed in the topic!

Kamau: I watch a lot of TV, OKAY?!


What did we read?

Ready Player One; Naruto; The Mammoth Book of Pirates.


What did we play?

Bioshock; Dragon Age Origins; Civilization: Beyond Earth; miscellaneous flash games; The Legend of Korra game.


What did we listen to?

Lain opening; Alestorm- Wooden Leg; Disclosure- Latch feat. Sam Smith.




Kamau: That's all for this week! See you next time, at weekly updates # the second!

Puffin: I told you, that's not how this works!

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